Jake started working with David after an injury with Basketball.  He needed to strengthen his knee once he was released from the Dr. to be ready for the baseball season.  He says he feels stronger now than he did before the injury.

My daughter has attended Trademark Performance conditioning at the Diggz in NW Indiana ran by her trainer, David Hardy.  David began her training as usual, but once she acquired an injury, he changed the training from strength to rehabilitation with successful results.

He not only taught her the exercises needed to get her back in shape, but wrote them down and followed up with me to make sure she was following the instructions and noting her progress.  He has even reached back out now that she is well to adjust the workout to ensure she moves forward in a healthy manner.  The training as well as follow up has been quite impressive.

Melissa L. - Volleyball Mom

Tina P. - Mother of Volleyball Player

My daughter has been working with Trademark Performance for the past few months on increasing speed, vertical and strength on the court.

Strength is paramount to volleyball performance and he provides a significant challenge which pushes my daughter to test her personal boundaries and reach new heights.  We have seen huge gains in her strength, power agility and speed on the court.  He has pushed my daughter to some of her most productive and challenging workouts to date.  He has taken a personal interest in her performance as an athlete both on and off the court.  Her strength, explosiveness and performance have all been taken to a new level and he continues to play a tremendous role in that development as a player.

Shelly S. - Basketball and Baseball Mom